• Criminals are hijacking digital advertising.
    Don’t let them give you a bad name.

  • Protect your reputation, revenue, and resources with anti-malware software that keeps you ahead of the bad guys.


Why ClarityAd?

ClarityAd is the only company focused on helping advertising platforms and publishers rid the world of malware. This enables us to evolve our tech more quickly to meet your needs and defeat the bad actors trying to undermine you.

Ad Platforms

  • Keep the revenue flowing
    ClarityAd’s always-on technology detects security, functionality, and compliance issues before they get in the way of campaigns.
  • Keep your partners happy
    Instant alerts keep you in the know so you can block bad ads before they endanger your partners, their audiences, and your reputation.
  • Save time and resources
    ClarityAd is designed for easy integration and low maintenance, so you can focus engineering resources on your core roadmap.


  • Protect your audience
    ClarityAd’s software persistently scans programmatic tags for malware, pop-ups, and other annoyances that damage your user experience.
  • Shield your yield
    The sooner a bad ad’s fixed, the less damage it can do to your topline. If something suspicious is going on, you’ll immediately get an alert.
  • Preserve your peace of mind
    We built ClarityAd so it’s easy to integrate and easy to use, because you have enough on your plate already.

Our Products

ClarityAd's products fit seamlessly into your workflow and technical stack. Every day, the industry relies on us to scan and secure billions of desktop, mobile, and video impressions.


for Programmatic campaigns
  • Our flagship product scans rotating ad tags, providing total security, transparency and control
  • Continuous spot checks from multiple browsers, devices, and geographies, to reveal criminals’ obfuscatory methods
  • Fully customized rules engine allows for detection of unauthorized creative and landing page swaps, creative categorization, 4th party pixels, pop-unders, objectionable content, and dozens of types of spyware and viruses


for Direct-sold campaigns
  • Comprehensive creative check automation, 10x faster than manual quality control so you can save time and ensure everything’s working out the door, error free
  • Full compliance check includes network load and all IAB specifications, as well as tag monitoring to alert you to creative & pixel rotation within your tags
  • Automatically verify display, mobile & video tags, as well as raw HTML5 zip files

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